J O H N  R I C H A R D S O N

Is a designer slash photographer. Immersing himself in different fields of art such as video production, post production, and illustration whilst creating clothing pieces for the enigmatic clothing house Triworld. This year he released a tribute project for the photographers that he came up watching & enjoying while in college. The project was entitled Exhibit A. The online-only exhibition was a showing of working America in an anti-modern way. Attempting to present the pictures in an eclectic way mixing different elements from the 90s & late 80s to offer something different to the already well established photography realm. Moreover, since the emergence of Triworld, Richardson has attempted to broaden his skill-set involving arts that take years to master.The philosophy of going into different arts and taking a self - taught route is to aim for more versatility while doing it at a decent speed, whilst collecting new perspectives and a few supplementary skills. Meanwhile, Triworld has always had an undertone of 'we're creating our own world, create your world', type of sensation. This has given the house a playful, competitive, yet private, exclusivity and edge to it. Richardson's DNA is intertwined with the DNA of Triworld. With both being magnetic and reserved. both encompassing one of Andy Warhol's most remembered theories. One that mentioned that you should always focus on people gravitating towards what you have to offer. As opposed to an artist pushing what they have to offer onto the people. Create an air of mysteriousness and charisma with everything that you do. A lack of charisma can turn fatal when creating your own world.


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